Nemea Wine Tour

Duration: 8 hours

Join our Nemea Wine Tour and discover the history and beauty behind Greece’s finest vineyards of Nemea. Besides olive oil and yogurt, wine is one of Greece’s most beloved and renowned exported products. Explore the evolution of wine making in the region of Nemea.

The reference list of what you will see and experience during the Nemea Wine tour includes but is not limited to:

  • Coastal view of the Saronic and the Corinthian Gulf
  • View of the island of Salamis
  • Beautiful vineyards Nemea
  • Wine sampling and tasting

We can customize this tour to your needs.
If you want to skip or add something, please let us know in advance.

During your tour you will have the chance to visit the region of Nemea and its beautiful vineyards that are spread throughout the region. You will learn about the history of wine making and the modern technology that has been incorporated in the wine sector of Greece during the last decades that renewed the industry of fine wine making.

Our exploration will begin from your hotel. Our private chauffeur will pick you up and together you will embark on your journey to Nemea. During the one hour trip you can enjoy the coastal view on your way to your first stop.

First up is the Corinth Canal where the driver will make a quick stop and allow you to admire the breathtaking view and snap some pictures before continuing your ride to Nemea. After your break you will continue your journey through the Greek countryside full of vineyards and olive trees and allow the road to lead you to the beautiful city of Nemea, a city filled with history and legends.

The adventure starts with your visit to a local vineyard. For the last 25 years the Greek wine sector has become a magnet for innovative ideas and courageous investments.Young entrepreneurs join the old generation of winemakers and work together in order to create world-class wines from native and international varieties. In this part of the tour you will be greeted by English speaking staff members of the vineyard and young well trained vigerons who will show you around the vineyards and wineries, explain the procedure of wine making and lead you on a short walk in the beautiful Greek countryside. Gastronomy goes hand in hand with fine wine so we will say goodbye with an organized dining experience of great culinary value capable of exceeding the expectations of even the most demanding food lovers.

Afterwards you can even select and purchase your favorite wine in order to relive the experience back at home while enjoying a glass of fine wine and narrating the stories that you have learned about the beautiful region of Nemea and the people behind its products.

At the end of your experience your chauffeur will drive you back to Athens.

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There are a few things that are useful for you to know before participating in one of our tours.

  • Comfortable clothing and sensible, flat-soled walking shoes are recommended for most locations. Sun glasses, a hat and sun screen are also suggested since the Mediterranean sun is extremely hot during the summer months.
  • Photography is permitted in almost every site throughout the tours and if it is prohibited you will be informed beforehand.
  • Local currency (euros) might be needed in order to pay at the spot small entrance fees and small expenses.
  • In case one of our guests has some special needs, is under certain medication or has a limited walking endurance you can let us know during the organization of your customized tour and we will make sure that small breaks are incorporated into your itinerary.
  • Also it is suggested that you bring with you a small bottle of water or something small to eat in case you need to during the tour.
  • Furthermore if an individual has advanced accessibility needs you can let us know and allow us to customize the tour to fit your needs.
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